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save more time ...
fast flexible quoting - fantastic search and navigation - smart automation - smart overviews
better info sharing between staff - better allowance tools - closer integration with insurers

make more money ...
easy and powerful tools - never miss allowances - never avoid variations
automatic alerts - never forget to invoice or claim

avoid more grief ...
alerts you to problems - auto offsite secure private backups - auto update data - actively avoid trouble


Available in two ways ...

Quotimation onSite
The traditional powerful & robust package

Running in your office for maximum responsiveness
Multi user - Fully synchronised - Full featured


Why use Quotimation ?

See our Introduction Videos page here.

Lightning fast quoting
Choose between codes, templates, lists, or just type away.
Make your own lists with your own, lines, codes, times, dollars.  
Fantastic search and navigation
Easy, powerful, instant search. Navigate within or between quotes. Use the Recent Quotes list, or add quotes to your Watch list.

Stop information overload
Remove the clutter. Only show the important information, and hide everything else. It is all still there and easy to find when needed.

See shop status at a glance
Glance at the Time Line or the Active Estimates Lists to see exactly what is happening in your shop. What is booked in, what is late, what is on site, and what is due out and much more.

Best office collaboration so everyone can do their bit
Use the built in office noticeboard for leaving messages or allocating work. Share out the workload as it arrives. Send messages to an individual or to everyone.

Automate wherever possible
Let the system do the hard work and automatically track history, raise alerts, update data, suggest solutions, data backup to secure offsite storage, and much much more.

Specialised NTAR / LTAR / ORM / eMTA tools
Calculate and automatically update allowances, blend and loading tools, auto update lists (times, vehicles, line items).  View "differences" to easily see exactly what the Assessor has changed.

Ongoing active development
Most packages are stagnant and will never deliver the major improvements in efficiency that your shop will be forced to achieve. Major updates make everything harder! 

At Quotimation we are under active professional development and we continue to improve.

Plus much much more ...
All the things you would expect to see in a modern quoting package.

But we already use another product ...

It is not hard to find people who are disappointed in their existing quoting package.  It may be the "help desk from hell" or maybe the last major update made everything harder than ever. Maybe the brochures are a lot more slick that the product.

Call us for a demonstration, and as an experienced user you will be in the perfect position to compare. No risk. No pressure.

Note that changing your quoting package is a lot quicker, more straight forward, and causes a lot less grief most people expect, and quickly boosts office productivity.

We currently don't use a quoting package ...

It so happens that Quotimation is quick to learn, easy to use, and powerful, so it is the ideal system for anyone new to professional quoting, and is the essential system for anyone starting out.

We are not anywhere near you ...

We have customers across the country from big cities to small towns.  If you have a broadband connection we can easily demo, install, upgrade, and provide excellent ongoing support.

I might be interested ...

Please contact us to arrange a demo and a chat at a time and place to suit you.

Quotimation inCloud

everything PLUS complete mobility ...

Live from your office, on the road, home, assessment centre
Anywhere - Any Time - Any Device

Find out more about Quotimation inCloud here

You ...

... are a huge shop with multiple quoters
Got tens of thousands of quotes? - our search is simply the best in the business. It’s like a “google” search - simply type in a few words and it will find everything related in a fraction of a second. Try “toyo gree orm” to find any job with a Green Toyota via ORM. It is freakishly easy to use and finds anything you need.

Fully automatic multi user system - allows multiple people to simultaneously access the same data - safely - no hassle - no complexity.

Create your own line item lists that allows you to add/remove/edit lines including codes, descriptions, times, prices to suit your shop - then you automatically have every quoter using YOUR preferences

... are a prestige shop
Estimates and Invoices are created as PDFs to maximise their quality when printed or emailed, plus you can include your own shop logo printed in full colour on your PDFs. To ensure that your presentation to customers is first class

Fully editable line item lists and templates to easily include any and all specialist operations that you provide and wish to quote for - and you can set your own times or prices with each

Extra long descriptions so there is plenty of space to describe all the details

... have a busy office
Office collaboration - tools like the Site Notice Board where (for example) you can leave phone messages, allocate work tasks, or many other uses

Automatic history collection - so anyone can see if quotes have been printed or emailed, if invoices have been created - and what happens next - so it is easier for anyone answering the phone to deal with issues then and there and not need to go find someone to ask

The ultimate easy quote search - so anyone in the office can find quotes instantly - and deal with the issues immediately without calling anyone

... are always being interrupted
we can't stop you getting interrupted - but we can help with the with the following tools ...

Use the fantastic search to find what you are looking for

Use the "Recent Estimates" list to return to where you where before

Use "Site Notice Board" to leave messages for others in the office

Automatically keep history and notes
- so that whoever takes the call can often manage it without needing to interrupt anyone else

... manage the work shop
Automatic alerts & reminders to let you know what you may have missed - for example
         - authorised - but not yet booked in
         - late - due to be checked in
         - checked out - but insurer invoice not sent
  ... and many many more
Shop overview list  - an automatic smart list to see ...
- what is in the shop right now 
- what is due in or due out
- what jobs have current alerts
- which jobs need invoicing
  ... and many many more

... are new to professional quoting
For all its power - it is also very easy to learn and to use - it typically takes about 3 quotes before you are up and running. It hides the complexity behind the scenes - so you don't have to worry about it.

It provides clear and simple feedback - to let you and your staff know what is happening

... use PNET
PNET is fully incorporated into Quotimation - not like other tools that locks your quote while it is sending or receiving

Is configured to automatically set up some of your insurers as PRICE, and others as TIME - all very very smooth

Automatic error checking with clear feedback BEFORE you send to PNET

Helps with PNET specific rules (eg PNET color list, no Miscellaneous category, etc etc etc)

Excellent transition tools so your switch over to Quotimation can’t be easier

In-the-cloud  - take Quotimation with you anywhere, anytime - including to the RepairLink Centre. Everyone in your repair shop has the same live access - so they can get part prices, review quotes, or submit to PNET - all while the Estimator is still quoting.  

... use ORM
Warnings and Errors explained before you submit messages - this teaches your staff what ORM expects, and catches problems before they are sent

Fully incorporated into Quotimation - not like other tools that locks your quote while it is sending or receiving

Automatic allowances and loadings calculator - that also update automatically while you are editing the quote

Automatically updates all NTAR and LTAR data (vehicles, line item lists and times)

Automatically shows Assessor changes - so it is easy to see the changes at a glance

Use the ORM list and times as necessary - and while quoting it is EASY to swap to other lists - for instance to get your parts - which is where the ORM list is weak

... use EstImage
Very nice integration tools to send your Quotes and Invoices via EstImage

... do mechanical work
Develop your own line item list or templates with mechanic items to make quote generation easy

... do PDR (paintless dent repair)
Develop your own line item list or templates with paintless dent repair items to make quote generation easy.

... have Loan / Courtesy cars
A nice and easy to use module to manage your loan cars

Check in and check out reminders including who checked the cars in or out

Warnings if any of your cars are due for (1) a service, (2) insurance renewal (3) rego renewal

Check who had the car at a certain date - so that you can know where to send speeding tickets !

Plus - lots of other goodies - for example ...
A simple GST calculator - work out the ex or inc GST amount
Automatic offsite secure private backups - completely behind the scenes - and no need for anyone to stop work while the backup is created

Integrated SMS messaging - with lots of uses. Tell customers when their car is ready - and automatically have their excess ready to be added.

Easy to use image editing tools for adding and editing images, sending them with quotes